Passive Computing: The Hardware

The hardware devices for passive computing are designed to make existing tasks easier and more efficient. Like in previous eras, they are also going to allow us to do things we couldn’t or wouldn’t do with our devices before. We have already starting to see a cycle of marketable wearables hit the market. The wrist … Continue reading Passive Computing: The Hardware

The Era of Passive Computing

A couple weeks ago, Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz wrote an article called “What’s next in computing.” He talks about the product cycle of technology as opposed to the financial cycle. It’s well worth a read if you’re interested in this topic. Marc Cendella (@cenedella) called it a “Landmark Blog Post”. Chris lays out 3 … Continue reading The Era of Passive Computing

Talk on Foursquare Location and Taste Data at Cambridge

I was very busy early this month traveling to the UK and putting together a talk for the first Workshop on Urban Data Science (WUDS15), which took place at Cambridge University on December 14th. Because I had limited time, I briefly covered 2 issues. But both are fascinating data/technological insights that we are developing at … Continue reading Talk on Foursquare Location and Taste Data at Cambridge

Another Quora Math Answer about Split-Complex Numbers

Well, I’ve been on a role with Quora math answers recently! One person asked the question of whether you can have a negative absolute value. In other words, could you have a negative distance between two points! Rather than dwelling on all the rules this would break (who needs rules!?) I decided to construct such … Continue reading Another Quora Math Answer about Split-Complex Numbers

Post about Polygon Approximations to Pi

So I spent a few minutes tonight writing an interesting math answer on Quora: Is a circle a shape with an infinite number of corners? The challenge in answering this question is that even if the premise of the original question is incorrect, I feel like I can try to figure out the intuition that led … Continue reading Post about Polygon Approximations to Pi

Movie Search in Foursquare

Today I want to share a new feature that’s available on the Foursquare app and give a little background on how we got the ball rolling. First – and I’m curious to see if any of you have different answers – where do you check movie times online? Maybe you use Google or an alternative search … Continue reading Movie Search in Foursquare

News Corporation Sells Amplify

I worked at Wireless Generation early in my career. It was the education company that was bought by News Corp in 2010 and became Amplify. You can find some articles on it here and here, but the short story is that after 5 years at News Corp, the company wasn’t performing as well as they had hoped, and … Continue reading News Corporation Sells Amplify

Appearance on BK Live for Beyond Coding

Over the past few months, I’ve been involved with a program called, which is a series of courses at New York City tech companies designed to develop career skills for people who are entering the tech industry. I produced one of the classes with Maryam (see our NLP talk) at Foursquare on technical communication. … Continue reading Appearance on BK Live for Beyond Coding

Brooklyn Neighborhood: Sunset Park

Before I get into some of the more technical or idea-oriented posts, I want to practice by talking about one of my day trips last week, and that was to Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Now last week I actually took a week off from work, and it seems like every time you take time off you’re … Continue reading Brooklyn Neighborhood: Sunset Park

Kicking off a Blog

Hi everyone! I’ve been meaning to set up a blog for a while, and I finally sat down and took a few minutes to put it up. Much more difficult that the technical side of it is the content or “product” side. What will my new blog’s name be? What will it be about? How … Continue reading Kicking off a Blog

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