The Local Maximum – Check out My New Podcast

Exciting news today! This is the launch day of my new podcast, “The Local Maximum”.  Yes, the day has finally arrived.

So far on my guest and solo lineup, I’ll be covering AI, Product Design, Future Technology, and Current Events. The overall blend of topics is still TBD, but I’m going to start with 10 episodes to get a handle on things.

The first episode is with my friend Aaron Bell, and we will be discussing Bayesian Inference, which will be a recurring theme on the show. Aaron also advised me in our show prep that I should have a show notes page. I’ll formalize that a bit more in the future, but for now this blog post is the show notes for episode 0.

In the software/startup world we often launch a minimal product to get the feedback loop started. This is exactly what I’m doing here. There are many things I’d like to improve. It’s a lot harder to explore complex ideas in an audio format than I thought!. But that’s my goal for this project – and I’m going to continue in the pursuit.

To send a question that could be answered on or off the show, email I’d love to hear your opinion on the first episode, and ideas on ways to make this podcast a success.

The Local Maximum is now available on iTunes. For now, I will host the mp3s here and on soundcloud and the feed is also available on Stitcher.

The book I mentioned in the show is The Theory that Would Not Die by Sharon Bertsch McGrayne.